Behind the sewing machine

How many of your products can you put a face behind?


Having taken part in the Fashion revolution march in 2013 we knew putting a face behind our products were paramount.  As the fashion revolution didn't have bag specific posters they created their own!

We are proud to produce with trusted partners. There was a time( not too long ago!) when manufacturing in Asia, particularly China, meant poor quality and slave labour. It was due to this that we spent months sourcing every ethical partner that was outside of there. It wasn't until we came along Obalee that we decided to go ahead and trial out our first run.  Handy the manager has been a breeze to work alongside, responding to all of my questions and ensuring everything was transparent. 

Looking back at my travels in Asia, in particular India and China, I was quickly reminded of how much people depend on manufacturing to support their families. I believe if we all ( small brands) have strict production standards then we can continue to support such families whilst producing ethically made products.