Bravery Patch

Woven patch with iron on backing to celebrate bravery!

Bravery Patch

  • Patches can be ironed and sewed on.

    Iron on application:

    • Set the iron to the hottest temperature ensuring the steam is off 
    • Position your patch and cover with a small piece of cotton cloth (i.e. tea towel)
    • Place the iron on top of the cloth and iron on for about 30 seconds moving the iron around the edges gently to ensure enough heat transfers
    • Remove the cloth. If you find it is not completely stuck down gently apply pressure to the patch and hold for 10 seconds (allowing time for the wet glue to stick)
    • If after that it requires more heat then you can start the process again
    • Leave the patch to cool and set for a few minutes. This step is crucial as the heat makes the glue wet. The glue will not set if it does not have undisturbed drying time
    • It’s time to show it off! Take a picture and share it with us using the hashtag #beproudwithpachee

    ***This application works best when used with canvas cotton or denim. Avoid any materials with a pvc layer as it will burn!

    Please be careful of the rubber logo when during Iron on application as it may disform if it comes into contact with the Iron.

    Sew on application:

    We recommend doing a running stitch for a more permanent finish, especially if you wish to wash the bag or clothing.